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Graduation Ceremony
First language students graduate BCC under the BEST programme
Pause for Learning
Introduction to Coding with Java is an exciting and engaging primer into the world of coding
CLASS IN SESSION Ocean 2's Darrien Toppin emerged top of his cohort of the Rumsommer session conducted by Greg Hill and Shane Thomas.CLASS IN SESSION Ocean 2's Darrien Toppin emerged top of his cohort of the Rumsommer session conducted by Greg Hill and Shane Thomas.
Tourism Workers Graduate
No pause in training and upskilling for BEST tourism workers
Alex Jordan
A conversation with the NTI Transformation Artivist
Jason Holder
in conversion with Alex Jordan
As we wrap up 2020 we can feel grateful for how Barbados has managed this chaotic year.
In celebration here is the long awaited sit down interview with our very own international cricket superstar.
Good to Great
NTI teams up with Simeon Rosset for butlering and house management
Gold standard training for the Hospitality Industry
de Heartest
Mark Daniels Interview Series
New episodes weekly.

Thank you, STARR Bajans!

NTI STARR Hunt with BiP Grand Prize Winner, Camille Goring

Landmark NTI-Coursera Partnership Launch On May 1

CBC TV – BEST NTI BCC Language for Business and Tourism courses feature.

Mark Daniels Interview – Discovering your own

Mark Daniels Interview – The True Artist

Mark Daniels Interview – Being True to You

Mark Daniels Interview – You have a Role to Play

Mark Daniels Interview – The Artist Brings Change

Mark Daniels Interview Art in Any Area

Mark Daniels Interview – What is your Style Saying?

Mark Daniels Interview – Creating Beyond the Basics

Mark Daniels Interview – Art is Intelligent

Mark Daniels Interview – Understand Wuh Gine On

Mark Daniels Interview – You can be Different

Mark Daniels Interview – You have a Choice

Mark Daniels Interview – Maturing as an Artist

Mark Daniels Interview – Maturing Mentally

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Inclusion For Equality

When we recognise and value every individual and work together for inclusion, it enables a society where everyone can participate and reach their full potential. We can all be STARR Bajans!

Web Series

Lewwe Reason

Fear, doubt, entitlement, selfishness, the things that hold us back daily but it is time to believe in ourselves again… this is the mind doctor with Doctuh Seth.


BWU & NTI -Tourism Workers Workshops

The Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) and the National Training Initiative (NTI) hosted the first of a series of workshops that will retool and retrain tourism workers.

Shaping the STARR Bajan

Selecting, Training, Assessing, Reviewing and Encouraging the model citizen.

Shaping the STARR Bajan

Selecting, Training, Assessing, Reviewing and Encouraging the model citizen.

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Barbados Employment and Sustainable Transformation Programme

Tourism Sector

The National Transformation Initiative (NTI) will help companies prepare tourism-specific training plans. The NTI will meet the cost of NTI sourced training.

As part of BEST requirements, companies and their employees’ representatives must submit a Joint Return to Work and Training Plan, which will outline the training and development component.

Firms will take initiatives to transform and upgrade the skills and competencies of their employees. Employees will receive certificates and qualifications that will enhance their employability for the future.

Who we Are

The National Transformation Initiative

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Retooling, Empowering, Retraining and Enfranchising every Barbadian worker in the Informal, Third and Private Sectors for the future global workplace.


You’re certainly not alone. That’s true for so many of us. We’re making it our priority to help people refocus, whether you’re off work or working from home. Even if you’ve returned to work, we’re still here for you. We want you to recover a sense of calm and to have hope, so, we’re providing training to guide you into the future. With new knowledge, skills, and the confidence as a proud Barbadian to take on the world. That way, you’ll be re-energised and empowered as we move into the future.
We’re helping Barbadians sharpen their knowledge and skills, and expand their sense of identity, pride and self-respect in being Bajan. That’s why the National Training Initiative has set its top goal as retooling, retraining, empowering and enfranchising every Barbadian in the Informal, Third and Private sectors. No matter where we serve, we must be able to hold our own in a global workplace.

We believe learning can be fun. The NTI wants to provide training that’s engaging and enjoyable for Bajans. Learning should be a joy whatever your age, station or education. Our materials will cater for how you learn. You can get certified to show you’ve participated in or completed a course in the area you choose. Or, you can get accredited to do further training with other institutions. Upskill for your current job or get new skills for a job for the dynamic future. There’s so much reward in lifelong learning and we’re making sure everyone has the chance. That’s why it’s free!

Right now with COVID-19, our team is working remotely. So, we’ve made it really easy for you to reach us. We’ll reply promptly, two hours, tops, but if we can’t reply with details at first, we promise, it won’t be more than a day. is our email address. Or, try us via @ntistarrbajan on Facebook, IG or Twitter. If there’s something specific or a matter you think just can’t wait, then our director is happy to reply. Her email address is We’re listening for you.

Champion Highlight

seth bovell

Find out how this Barbadian Musician, Comedian and Barbados Movie Awards Nominated actor is involved with the National Training Initiative.

Quiz: can you spot the fake news headline?

Confidence in the media is at an all-time low in what commentators are referring to as the era of ‘post-truth’ reporting. The internet has changed the way we consume media for good and given rise to untrained reporters and sensationalist stories. Think you’ve got what it takes to spot a fake headline in today’s world of weird and wonderful reporting? Take the quiz to find out.

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