“Persons with disabilities have not been left out from NTI nor even from their courses. When you go on the website it is totally accessible and it has been given approval from even the blind.” 

- Maria Holder-Small

Accessibility Training and Awareness

The equal inclusion of people with disabilities (PwD) into the fabric of Barbadian life is central to the NTI’s advocacy. We envision a Barbados that is fully supportive, inclusive and accessible. In our advocacy on behalf of PwD, we challenge Barbadians to ensure that all parking lots in Barbados have accessible parking for PwD, we confront infrastructural planning that disregards the needs of PwD, and we create an accessible space both online and face-to-face where PwD can upskill professionally, with ease.

An essential advocate for PwD is Maria Holder-Small, NTI Change Artivist and a former President of the Barbados Council for the Disabled. She brings a comprehensive understanding to the challenges of PwD through accessibility training and awareness. Gain insight into the worlds of people who live with disabilities through Maria’s Disability Etiquette and Social Inclusion training as well as inspired social media campaigns. Learn about different types of disabilities, both visible and invisible, discover the challenges persons with disabilities face and how best to respectfully approach and interact with them.

Most recently, she has delivered training for the Barbados Transport Authority after kicking off face-to-face training for tourism teams at The Barbados Workers’ Union in July 2020. Since then, she appeared on The People’s Business, March 2021, and also led the NTI’s collaboration with Barbados Council for the Disabled’s PWD Parking Campaign campaign. 

Online Safety Essentials

Online Safety Essentials

Be proactive about protecting yourself from potential threats to your personal information, communications and even your overall well-being. Learn how to spot fake news, detect threats and get tips on reducing your exposure to threats.



This course will equip every Barbadian with the knowledge, skills and values needed to be citizens of good character and competence in a SMART Barbados that is engaging with a digital world. It is designed to help participants gain self-confidence and a better understanding of their place in society.

Personal Financial Managment

Personal Financial Management

Learn the basic concepts of financial management, how to prepare a budget and how to control your spending based on that budget. The course will examine debt, mortgages, the impact of risk on decision making, and saving for more than just a rainy day.

Beginners Sign Language

Beginners Sign Language

Who better than expert Sign Language interpreter Bonnie Leonce to walk you through the fundamentals of American Sign Language (ASL). By the end of this highly practical course, you will be able to sign simple sentences and give a personal introduction!



This introductory course  highlights some of the initial questions and decisions that come with business ownership. Starting a business that lasts requires a specific mind-set that you will start to develop to ensure you have what it takes to overcome challenges, identify opportunities and build the support system you need. 

Introduction to Coding with Java

Introduction to Coding with Java

Learn what code is and the basic principles of programming with Java. You don’t need any coding experience for this basic course. Plus, your course instructor Chris Welch will be there to support you along the way.

Occupational Safety and health

Occupational Safety and Health

This training is extremely vital since we are all exposed to the current health threat of COVID-19. Throughout this course, you will learn preventative and protective measures for safe and healthy working conditions that mitigate against workplace related accidents

Core Skills

Core Skills

Learn how to understand and respond to change. Gain appropriate self-knowledge as well as the skills necessary to develop and use a personal strategy for adapting to change, in general, and in the workplace, in particular.

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