Join The Hunt – Family edition!

The promotion kick-off hunt will start at a large location (eg Garfield Sobers Gymnasium) to allow social distancing for all teams. Teams (max. 4 persons per vehicle) will receive clues and set off in search their locations.

Number of clues to be confirmed.


Contestants will follow @NTISTARRBajan on Facebook or Instagram and register at to enter. To find the correct clue, the contestant must identify the location PIN via Digicel BIP app.

At the clue location, contestants must also:

  1. Take a selfie and post to Facebook or Instagram, and tag @NTISTARRBajan using the hashtag #IzaSTARRBajan


  1. Take a selfie video and post to Facebook or Instagram, in the caption tag @NTISTARRBajan and use #IzaSTARRBajan

Location clues

  1. Clues will be read once at NOON daily Monday – Friday on VOB 92.9FM, HOTT 95.3FM (and LIFE 97.5FM) and contestants will start hunting from their respective locations.
  2. Clues are provided via the BIP App on all smartphones. Digicel subscribers will receive clues one minute(?)

The timing of the advance notice to Digicel app subscribers to be decided in concert with Digicel team.

No winner

Should there be no winner on a given day, a new clue will be read at noon next day. There will be no roll over, i.e., doubling, of that day’s prize.

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