Coursera Programmes

Our NTI-Coursera programmes are home to an extensive number of accredited courses, all of which have been curated and are constantly updated to provide you with the most relevant courses for your personal and professional development. The NTI has access to and draws from more than 4,000 free Coursera courses and 1,000 Guided Projects from 200 leading university and industry educators. This lets you learn job-relevant skills in areas like computer programming, entrepreneurship, languages, business, and digital marketing, all from the comfort of your home in Barbados.

All NTI-Coursera programmes are found in specialised learning tracks which are tailored to valuable sectors in Barbados. With more learning tracks soon to be added, you simply choose the learning track most suitable to you.

Learning Tracks

You'll find on our platform:

Creative Academy

The NTI believes in a Barbadian dream, and that Barbadian creatives are the dream weavers. As a creative, you know how important it is to continuously hone and perfect your craft. Acquire the tools to successfully navigate the orange economy by joining this learning track. Dive into courses in your area of creativity whether it be music, storytelling, copywriting, graphic design, photography, fashion or creative tech. Benefit from business courses tailored to creatives including advertising, PR and intellectual property.

Change or Advance Your Career and Grow Your Business

Start your guide to both professional and entrepreneurial training. Whether you are employed, self-employed, searching for employment or seeking to switch careers, this is the learning track for you. Enroll in courses that help advance your current job role, gain professional certification, explore a new career through entry-level courses, or, either start or grow your own business by taking practical courses.

Tourism Academy

Improve your skills in the tourism sector, one of the most critical economic sectors in Barbados. Upskill everytime you choose a course from this learning track in areas of business, customer service innovation, hospitality, language learning, revenue management, smart tourism, and food and beverage management. 

Skills for Global Success

Learn everything you need to navigate the workplace both locally and internationally. Through a combination of courses that focus on communication skills, people skills, problem-solving, leadership, adaptability and digital literacy, you’ll be well-rounded and ready to thrive in almost any job field. 

Coursera Social Impact Scholarships

Grasp the opportunity to achieve a Google professional certificate and open the door to new job possibilities. You can get certification in Project Management, UX Design, IT Support, IT Automation with Python, or Data Analytics with no previous experience needed.

Blue and Green Economy Foundations

Ignite and fulfill your passion for the environment by discovering courses and career possibilities in renewable energy, sustainable development, agriculture, biotechnology as well as climate change and resilience. 

Popular NTI


Brand & Content Marketing

Product Development and Branding for Creatives: Branding: The Creative Journey

Accounting for Decision Making

Hospitality and Revenue Management: Revenue Optimization and Management

Copyright Law: Music Business

Music Business: Make Professional Music

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainability: Sustainability Practices for Tourism

Solar Energy Basics

Renewable Energy: Solar

Management & Leadership

Start or Grow Your Business: Business English

Sustainable Agricultural Management

Sustainability: Agriculture

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Start or Grow Your Business: SME Deep Dive: Sales

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