TVTLP STARR Bajans is a unique group of Barbados YouthADVANCE Corps trainees who are intently focused on excelling in their Technical Vocational course of study.
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You Have what it takes!

You have what it takes! You are never too young, too old, too skilled, or too busy to learn something new or enhance your knowledge. Let this be the gift you give yourself: to dream and aspire, learn skills, chart your career path, improve personally and professionally. We will help you transform your mindset, your knowledge, and your skills to meet the changing times.

We offer free training, both online and in-person, across several essential sectors of Barbados. Through short online courses and Coursera guided projects, our NTI platform offers courses, experiential learning, masterclasses as well as skills training and accredited certification in a wide range of subject areas. Take the first step to follow your dreams…Register now. Just select a course and follow your dreams.

Unlimited FREE Access

All NTI and NTI Coursera online courses are free to the people of Barbados.

Valid Certification

NTI and NTI-Coursera certificates are internationally accredited and supported by the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC).

4500 Video Courses

With access to over 4,000 interactive courses, you can learn from engaging videos and material.

On-the-Go Learning

Learning can be done on any device, anywhere, any time, and at your own pace.

Expert Teachers

Courses are taught by local experts and international industry educators from over 200 leading universities.

Super Support

Our friendly e-learner support team is available to help you with any questions, concerns or challenges.

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"You've been given dreams that only YOU can make a reality."

- Adrian Greene


NTI Courses

Online Safety Essentials

Online Safety Essentials

Be proactive about protecting yourself from potential threats to your personal information, communications and even your overall well-being. Learn how to spot fake news, detect threats and get tips on reducing your exposure to threats.



This course will equip every Barbadian with the knowledge, skills and values needed to be citizens of good character and competence in a SMART Barbados that is engaging with a digital world. It is designed to help participants gain self-confidence and a better understanding of their place in society.

Beginners Sign Language

Beginners Sign Language

Who better than expert Sign Language interpreter Bonnie Leonce to walk you through the fundamentals of American Sign Language (ASL). By the end of this highly practical course, you will be able to sign simple sentences and give a personal introduction!



This introductory course  highlights some of the initial questions and decisions that come with business ownership. Starting a business that lasts requires a specific mind-set that you will start to develop to ensure you have what it takes to overcome challenges, identify opportunities and build the support system you need. 

Introduction to Coding with Java

Introduction to Coding with Java

Learn what code is and the basic principles of programming with Java. You don’t need any coding experience for this basic course. Plus, your course instructor Chris Welch will be there to support you along the way.

Online Course

Personal Financial Management

This Personal Financial Management course is designed to provide the basic concepts of financial management, show you how to prepare a budget …

Online Course


This course will equip every Barbadian with the knowledge, skills and values needed to be citizens of good character and competence in a SMART Barbados that is engaging with a digital world…

Online Course

Core Skills

This course is designed to help participants understand interconnectedness and interdependence in the world in which we live, how it leads to change, as well as the…

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Brand & Content Marketing

Product Development and Branding for Creatives: Branding: The Creative Journey

Accounting for Decision Making

Hospitality and Revenue Management: Revenue Optimization and Management

Copyright Law: Music Business

Music Business: Make Professional Music

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainability: Sustainability Practices for Tourism

Solar Energy Basics

Renewable Energy: Solar

Management & Leadership

Start or Grow Your Business: Business English

Sustainable Agricultural Management

Sustainability: Agriculture

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Start or Grow Your Business: SME Deep Dive: Sales

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