Vol 1 No. 23 September 2, 2022

Become a Global Citizen

Vol 1 No. 23 September 2, 2022

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Hi NTI Learner,

To be a Barbadian is to be a global citizen. We are a welcoming people, open to supporting and creating lasting relationships with others across the globe. This week alone, a historic forum is taking place in Barbados among hundreds of delegates from Africa and the Caribbean under the theme “One People. One Destiny. Uniting and Reimagining Our Future”. As we continue strengthening our global partnerships and our creative, cultural and business engagements, your Barbadian spirit is needed more than ever. We recommend this selection of courses to help you gain or improve essential skills in intercultural communication and international business.

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NTI partners with Kenya’s Youth Enterprise Development Fund

Recommended Courses

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Cultural Intelligence: Become a Global Citizen

Macquarie University - Mixed Level - Approx. 19 hours to complete

Develop cultural intelligence and sensitivity to be successful in diverse work environments. Understand and adapt to the cultural backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes of the people around you.

Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution

University of California (UCI) - Mixed Level - Approx. 5 hours to complete

Explore the topics of stereotypes, generalisations, and communication styles, strategies, and orientations that occur between people of different cultures.

Management Skills for International Business

University of London - Mixed Level - Approx. 18 hours to complete

Discover the main skills of effective leaders. Learn about team dynamics, building effective relationships, key motivation theories, and using communication effectively.

Visualize Project Milestones with Gantt Charts in Miro

Coursera Project Network - Beginner Level - Approx. 2 hours to complete

All business people need effective project management. Gain hands-on experience applying, planning and scheduling a project by creating a Gantt chart in the Miro online visual collaboration platform.


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