Vol 2 No. 50 December 15, 2023

Deck the Halls with Creativity

Vol 2 No. 50 December 15, 2023

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‘Tis the season for transformations! The holidays are the perfect opportunity to redesign and redecorate our homes and lives. Whether you have ideas for how you want to spruce up your home this Christmas or you have projects that need to come to life, this set of recommended courses is a great place to start. Dive into the festive spirit and transform your creative ideas into captivating visuals!

Scott Le Roc, Kimberley Tudor and Sluggy Dan in studio

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


This week’s Midweek Mindset guest, Kimberley Tudor, shares Christmas decorating tips and all about her Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder (POPD). She’s a distinguished interior and event designer celebrated for her enchanting Christmas décor featured at venues like Champers, Sandy Lane, Wine World, and Hilton Barbados Resort. Listen in as Kimberley unveils the secrets to crafting the perfect festive atmosphere.

Recommended Courses

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Mood boards

Coursera Project Network - Intermediate Level - Approx. 1 hour to complete

Use this efficient, eye-catching tool to visually present the idea of a project and what it will look like. You can use this for graphic and set design, architecture and interior design, home decor and retail, event planning, fashion and photography.

Coursera Project Network - Intermediate Level - Approx. 1 hour to complete

iscover how to create and customise patterns for fabrics, prints, wallpaper, gift papers, and any kind of surface your imagination can reach.

Coursera Project Network - Intermediate Level - Approx. 1 hour to complete

Create a mockup scene to simulate the showcasing of print and artworks. SketchUp makes 3D modelling accessible and easy for anyone interested in exploring this field.
3D building coming out of a phone

University of London - Intermediate Level - Approx. 16 hours to complete

Creating a VR experience means creating that world and all the objects in it. In this course, you will learn the basics of 3D graphics: how to create objects and lay them out to create an environment.


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