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Preparing to Lead

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Preparing to Lead

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Hi  NTI Learner,

Whether you are studying, now entering the world of work, or are an experienced worker, there will be situations that challenge you to step up as a leader.

As change is constant, the greatest skills a leader can develop are preparation and lifelong learning. You can proactively seek new knowledge and skills to help you adapt quickly to shifting dynamics, situations and environments. Turn challenges into opportunities, give and receive feedback, communicate effectively and inspire others. You can also develop strategic and innovative thinking to be a strong leader in this period of digital transformation.

We’ve selected practical courses to help you develop your leadership skills. Learning is your preparation for becoming a more effective, efficient leader.

Recommended Courses

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Leadership, Motivation and Organizational Control

Institute of Certified Professional Managers - Beginner Level - Approx. 9 hours to complete

If you want to become or are currently working as a supervisor, this course is designed for you. Gain access to the essential skills and knowledge needed to lead and motivate employees, and implement and monitor effective organizational controls.

Agile Leadership: Introduction to Change

University of Colorado - Beginner Level - Approx. 9 hours to complete

Constant fast change has become a reality of our time. Agile leadership is a popular method for addressing this reality. You’ll learn to prioritise openness, inclusivity and adaptability. Respond to changes effectively and lead your team to success.

Applications of Everyday Leadership

University of Illinois - Mixed Level - Approx. 16 hours to complete

Learn to negotiate effectively and influence others through effective leadership. Provide feedback and coaching that is strategically appropriate and influential to your team. Manage conflict and lead change in business.

Preparing to Manage Human Resources

University of Minnesota - Mixed Level - Approx. 18 hours to complete

This course provides a foundation for developing your own approach to skillfully managing employees by illustrating alternative human resource management (HRM) strategies, introducing the importance of the legal context, and thinking about what motivates employees.


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