Vol 1 No. 32 November 4, 2022

Expand Your Communication Skills

Vol 1 No. 32 November 4, 2022

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Hi NTI Learner,

“Greater will our nation grow in strength and unity.” These words ring true today just as they did in 1966. We Bajans work together to make positive changes that transform our society, region and world. As we strive to be better people, we develop the values, knowledge, skills and understanding that make us informed and engaged Barbadian citizens. Expand your communication, teamwork, and conflict-resolution skills with the NTI’s Citizenship Course and the NTI-Coursera courses below.


NTI’s Citizenship Course


Citizenship, created by Bajans for Bajans, is NTI’s flagship course. It is highly recommended for all Barbadians.

Recommended Courses

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Northwestern - Mixed Level - Approx. 14 hours to complete

Learn the essential skills to develop and expand your leadership range, design collaboration teams, and craft win-win negotiation strategies.

University of California Irvine - Mixed Level - Approx. 5 hours to complete

Learn about stereotypes, generalisations, communication styles, and strategies to interact successfully with people from various cultures.

University of Washington - Beginner Level - Approx. 12 hours to complete

Learn how to organise talks clearly, write them memorably, and deliver them confidently. By the end of the course, you should be able to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking.

National University of Singapore - Beginner Level - Approx. 9 hours to complete

Learn to structure and express your ideas in a convincing and persuasive manner to thrive in this globalised world.


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