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Vol 2 No. 30 July 28, 2023

Explore a Sports Career

Vol 2 No. 30 July 28, 2023

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Hi NTI Learner,

Sports is a multi-million dollar industry filled with several career paths. The road doesn’t stop at athletic positions in the industry. Some integral people work directly with athletes as well as behind the scenes to support athletic events.

You can become a sports agent, marketer, trainer, sports data analyst, broadcaster, game developer, and more. Don’t limit yourself. Start your journey towards a sports career with our short beginner courses.

Journey to a Professional Boxer


Barbadian Boxing Legend Edward “Yogi Bear” Neblett takes us on an insightful journey of his career as a professional boxer and trainer. He also shares why discipline and integrity have been key characteristics in his personal and professional development.

Recommended Courses

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Case Western Reserve University - Beginner Level - Approx. 29 hours to complete

Gain the skills necessary to guide an athlete through the difficult decisions that can make or lose them money and affect their public image and career.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona - Beginner Level - Approx. 9 hours to complete

Learn the actors that participate in sports sponsorship and develop innovative proposals and sponsorship plans.

University of California Irvine - Beginner Level - Approx. 4 hours to complete

Recognise the qualities a video game must have to become a successful Esport and explore the factors that contribute to an Esports organization’s success.

The State University of New York- Beginner Level - Approx. 9 hours to complete

You’ll get help understanding this new role of data analysis in the sports business.


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