Vol 2 No. 21 May 26, 2023

Gain a Better Understanding of Health

Vol 2 No. 21 May 26, 2023

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Hi NTI Learner,

Anything can be achieved if we have good health. It starts with learning how to care for our minds and bodies. When we expand our knowledge, we can practise healthy habits that work best for each of us.

Transform your lifestyle with the recommended courses below. Gain a better understanding of health with a focus on diabetes, nutrition, sports analytics and sports tech. We’ll also share an exclusive interview with Hayley Matthews on Tuesday, May 30, where she discusses her health and cricket journey. Stay locked on to our social channels!


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President of the Barbados Youth Development Council (BYDC) and Training and Education Coordinator at the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), Roshanna Trim, dives into her experience and passion as a Youth Leader.

Recommended Courses

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University of Copenhagen - Beginner Level - Approx. 10 hours to complete

Get an introduction to the most recent research in the field of prevention and treatment of diabetes as well as a broader understanding of the situation in different communities where diabetes threatens public health.

National Academy of Sports Medicine - Beginner Level - Approx. 22 hours to complete

Become equipped to provide evidence-based guidance to those seeking to improve body composition, athletic performance, and health.

University of Michigan - Mixed Level - Approx. 49 hours to complete

Discover a variety of techniques that can be used to represent sports data and how to extract narratives based on these analytical techniques. Examples are drawn from cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer.

University of Michigan - Intermediate Level - Approx. 28 hours to complete

Learn about physiological principles that are relevant to exercise training and sports performance and how wearable devices can be used to help characterise both training and performance.


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