Vol 2 No. 45 November 10, 2023

Strengthen Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Vol 2 No. 45 November 10, 2023

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Hi NTI Learner,

Barbados thrives on the buzz of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. Driven by passion and persistence, they are the island’s heartbeat – shaping its social scenes, culture and economic hustle.

Whether you’re a creative spirit, shopkeeper, vendor, farmer, store owner or tradesman, once you have a business that benefits your community, there are essential entrepreneurial skills that can elevate your journey. Explore our recommended courses, where we dive into vital business skills such as marketing, customer service, leadership and financial planning.

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Baking Beyond Boundaries


Don’t miss this week’s Midweek Mindset featuring Nakira Goddard, who navigated deafness from the age of two and is now on an entrepreneurial journey of baking and cake design. You’ll hear about Nakira’s journey and aspirations to become the world’s best baker. She also gives valuable advice to members of the deaf community and the general public. Join us for an inspiring conversation.


Watch Midweek Mindset Here

Recommended Courses

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Knowledge Accelerators - Beginner Level - Approx. 23 hours to complete

This course will help you to build the knowledge and develop the skills needed to be a successful Customer Service Specialist. It focuses on communication skills, problem-solving and more.
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University of Michigan - Beginner Level - Approx. 10 hours to complete

You’ll learn how to build your team, improve teamwork and collaboration, and sustain team performance through continuous learning and improvement.
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Goldman Sachs - Mixed Level - Approx. 3 hours to complete

You’ll learn about financial planning and how it can help you assess business opportunities. You will consider the cash flow cycle of your company and its impact on business growth and success.

EIT Digital - Intermediate Level - Approx. 12 hours to complete

The course begins with the art of cold calling and analysing potential customers, then gradually moves to segmentation, positioning, closing the deal, competition, marketing strategy, and market expansion.


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