Vol 2 No. 32 August 11, 2023

Take Your Business Online

Vol 2 No. 32 August 11, 2023

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Hi NTI Learner,

Creating an online presence is critical for many businesses today. You may have an online business that requires a stronger presence or an offline business you want to pivot to the online space. This week’s practical courses can equip you with the knowledge, tips and tools to establish and maintain your business online. Learn what social media is all about, how to market your business, and simplify the transition from employed to self-employed.


Leaning Towards Entrepreneurship?


Gain insight from a former finance and insurance executive who is an aspiring entrepreneur. Clyde Sobers talks about community, planning, credibility, and ambition. He also poses some essential questions to consider when starting your business journey.

Recommended Courses

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Coursera Project Network - Beginner Level - Approx. 1 hour to complete

Learn how to manage yourself as a remote-employed worker or self-employed with essential practices, tips and tools.

Northwestern University - Mixed Level - Approx. 7 hours to complete

Get the tools, insights, knowledge, and skills to immediately impact your organisation. You’ll be able to position, engage, and grow relationships with the consumers of the highest value to you.

University of Illinois - Beginner Level - Approx. 18 hours to complete

Gain a deeper understanding of how to plan a digital marketing campaign and the role of various digital channels in integrated marketing communication.

EIT Digital - Intermediate Level - Approx. 12 hours to complete

Get prepared for some of the most common marketing and sales efforts needed for technology-based companies.


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