NTI & Covid-19 Response

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As the world, implements needed containment measures to control the pandemic, Barbados perforce is part of that global lockdown. This is a crisis like no other, which means there are substantial uncertainties about the impact it will have on people’s lives and livelihoods. Barbados, as a sovereign nation and small island developing state that is dependent on Tourism, is severely impacted by a slowdown in the economy and high unemployment. NTI now has to “ramp up” its key activities and re-prioritise its strategic objectives:

As a result of the impact to date of COVID-19, and our critical assessment of the environment and its psychosocial impact on potential trainees, NTI has deemed it appropriate to offer the following 3 e-learning modules as a priority to its specific sector programme rollout so people are receptive to offerings.

This adjustment allows the NTI to fulfil the following:

  • strategic objective 5 with emphasis on Digital Literacy and
  • key activities (b) developing standards of excellence, and (c) determination of areas of deficiency/training needs within the Tourism sector.

NTI & Tourism

COVID-19 has sent a shockwave to the world and jolted the tourism industry that is the major economic earner for Barbados and most of the

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